Marcin Freezin’ for a Reason

I apologize for the lapse in posts in the last couple of weeks. Last week I was at RSA and the weekend before that I was jumping into a freezing lake. Seriously.

Marcin Soaking From Polar Plunge

In the weeks leading up to my February 25th Polar Plunge, many Malwarebytes employees eagerly donated to the cause. The pitch? Watch your CEO jump into a freezing lake. Together, we raised over $700 for Special Olympics. I want to personally thank each and every one of them!

Also, isn’t that Malwarebytes shirt awesome?

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  1. Awesome, Marcin! Are we even allowed to call you Ducky anymore? And yes – the shirt is fabulous. How can we get one?

  2. I am not sure ducks like to jump in freezing lakes but hey power to you, LOL and so appropriate for you as well RubbeR DuckY. That is great the folks like you take the time to participate and raise money for a great cause.

    As for the shirt, it looks great and many of us have been waiting for the gear to come out, shirts, caps, and the like. Ready to order when they become available.

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