It’s been almost 3 years since my last post. I logged into WordPress with 30 or so updates and 13,074 spam comments awaiting action. Things have been busy at Malwarebytes, we’re growing extremely fast and are about to hit 250 employees worldwide. Some days are great, some days are tough, but we keep cranking.

I look forward to posting more often and dusting this blog off.

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  1. [for Marcin, re: aviation]
    From your LinkedIn page I noted the interest in Flying, and wondered if you would care to share any further details of this.
    I spent ~5 months at oC6 about 45 nm SW of ORD getting my IFR and Multi, decades ago. Much later we flew our C-177B from the Atlantic to circle the Golden Gate. Best stop was camping at O22 (Columbia, north of Sonora). ‘Nuff said, everyone has had their adventures.
    I’m not very tech savvy, and am not sure who all can read this – otherwise I would divulge more.

    I cannot find an email address on the MBAM site, other than press@malwarebytes.org, and so am mentioning here that it would be nice if the site had somewhere an explanation of why the word “virus” doesn’t seem to appear. Varying definitions? Imprecise? Not all-encompassing? Or merely not what MBAM does?

    I see that my MS Control Panel “Action Center” it says I have no virus protection, which confuses me as I’ve been using MBAM for some years. I’m trying to choose what to download for a few new laptops, and the above has made me look for other options. (to run in addition to MBAM, not in place of it, although single-sourcing would be nice)

    In summary I guess I’m asking if MBAM can be considered to be an anti-virus product?

    If you could have someone email me an answer that would be delightful.

    And hoping you get/take some hours to fly.

    in Toronto

    Win7 Pro 64 MBAM Free

  2. Michael, great to hear from you. I actually learned at KDPA which is near ORD as well, just VFR.

    We don’t like using the word virus because it’s an ancient term. However, we do want you to use Malwarebytes alongside an antivirus for additional protection; we are only to be used as the zero-day layer, which is protection against the most dangerous and unknown threats.

    You can always shoot an e-mail to support@malwarebytes.org, and they can get back to you fairly quickly!

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